Monday, April 03, 2006

2006 MLB Predictions

I have written nothing on this Blog for weeks. This is due to either my deep contemplation of the socioeconomic implications of rising housing prices in a stable wage environment, or it's because I have better things to do than write posts on a Blog. Since I have nothing better to do this morning and since it is Opening Day (notwithstanding the White Sox's win last night), I will share my predictions for this upcoming baseball season, which I have been mulling over for at least 3 minutes.

NL East: Braves -- Hey I've been right for 14 years straight; why stop now?
NL Central: Cardinals--Pujols and starting pitching
NL West: Giants--Bonds off the juice is still the best hitter in the game, if he's healthy
Wild Card: Mets--David Wright, Superstar. Good offense (for the Mets), old pitching staff.

AL East: Yankees--Hey I've been right 8 years straight; why stop now?
AL Central: White Sox--Starting pitching and a rejuvenated Jim Thome
AL West: Rangers-- I don't care who wins the Al West
Wild Card: Indians--Peralta, Sizemore, Martinez

NL Champion: Cardinals
AL Champion: Indians

World Champion: Cardinals; Hooray for Pujols; LaRussa can go sit and spin.

I actually hope the Mets win the World Series. So, although I know that I am wrong above, I hope I am wrong in the (W)right way.



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