Monday, October 01, 2007

Method Man

Here are the results from the weekend:

Cleveland +4

The Browns beat the Ravens by 2 touchdowns. I guess that ouburst against against the Bengals wasn't a fluke. The Browns appear to have emerged from their long slumber. The Dog Pound rejoices. 1-0

Minnesota +1

The Vikings got beat by the Packers and Brett Favre broke Dan Marino's all time touchdown record. I don't care how many he throws, I'll always believe that Marino is better than him. 1-1

Buffalo +3.5

The Bill actually beat the Jets this weekend. I don't have much to say about this one. Apparently NY is represented by two pretty mediocre teams. 2-1

St. Louis +13

The Cowboys took care of business by destroying the Rams. Tony Romo continues to look like one of the best QBs in the league. The Cowboys have now scored more points in the first four games than all but four teams in the post expansion era. How about them Cowboys! 2-2

Tampa Bay +3

Another win for the underdog. The Panther's, who a year ago, were a superbowl pick of many, seem to have fallen on hard times. 3-2

Kansas City +11.5

The Chiefs with the handicap of the second largest spread of the weekend, went out and beat the once mighty Chargers. Who knew that losing Marty Schotenhiemer would make such a difference. I'm sure he's still available. Perhaps they should give him a call. Norv Turner shouldn't get too comfortable in San Diego. And considering the terrible job he did in his last head coaching assignment, why on earth did he get another one? 4-2

Giants +2.5

The Giants Defense (that's right with a capital D) showed up for the first time all season and man handled the Eagles. They tied the NFL record for sacks in a game and showed that they may be able to turn things around. I'm not sure about the Eagles though. Perhaps McNabb has been eating too much of that Chunky Soup. 5-2

Detroit +2.5

The Lions continued the horrible season for the Bears as they came back from a ten point deficit in the fourth quarter by putting up 34 points!!! ( I couldn't believe it either) over the final 15 minutes against the once fearsome Bears defense. The Bears tried a new QB this week, but that's not going fix what's wrong with their defense. Lovey Smith goes from genius to idiot in one season. 6-2

Atlanta +2.5

The Falcons got their first win of the season to keep the SM rolling. The Texans aren't a pushover anymore, but they still haven't figured out how to be consistent quite yet. The Falcons get their first win in the post Vick era. 7-2

Oakland +4

The Raiders absolutely crushed the Dolphins as Dante Culpepper showed that he's still got some life left in that surgically repaired knee. He ran for three touchdowns and threw for a couple more and the Raiders went into Miami and embarrassed the home team. I always thought Culpepper was a good QB, he just had the stupidest TD celebration in the league. Hopefully the time off gave him the opportunity to come up with something else. 8-2

San Francisco +1

The 49ers didn't do their part for me this weekend. They lost to Seattle and managed to score only 3 points. Sometimes it looks like the 49ers might be turning things around and then they go out and put on a performance like this one. Bill Walsh must be spinning in his grave. 8-3

Denver +11

The Broncos put up a struggle but in the end could not cover the spread. They were only down by a point at halftime but got outscored 24-7 after that. It's amazing how much less of a genius Mike Shannahan is these days without Elway and Terrell Davis in the backfield. 8-4

Arizona +6

The Cardinals stunned the previously unbeaten Steelers this weekend. The two headed QB (Leinart/Warner) Warnart seems to be effective enough at this point. And they provided the SM with a 70% winning percentage for the weekend. 9-4

Cincy +7.5

The Cincinnati defense, which gave up 51 points to Cleveland a couple of weeks ago doesn't seem capable of slowing down the high powered offense of the Patriots. The spread should probably be at least two touchdowns in this one. Anyway, either way this goes, the SM has proven itself again. I hope someone out there is getting rich.



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