Friday, January 20, 2006

The Sports Guy????

I'm a big fan of, but why the hell do they devote a dedicated page so that a Red Sox fan can wax poetic about his favorite team. Bill Simmons gets to rant and rave about his beloved team all he wants under the banner of a national website. He gets to promote his book that he wrote about his beloved team. Now don't get me wrong, he is a good writer and has written some funny articles (his father's comments about the NBA draft were particularly amusing). However, I wonder what the response would be if they devoted that much space to someone who was an avowed Yankees fan. I'm sure the tidal wave of emails bemoaning the fact that the Yankees get so much coverage would be overwhelming.

Bill Simmons' commentary is often tounge in cheek and amusing, but it's still not fair that he be given that forum to express his views on a daily basis. Where are the writers who are fans of the Padres? Shouldn't they have a column as well? One of the best Baseball writers they have (Rob Neyer) is a big Royals fan. Perhaps he should devote his columns to the plight of his favorite team. In fact he uses his column to give real baseball fans, real facts.

Simmons' columns are published under the heading of "The Sports Guy". Perhaps they should be published with the title of the "The New England (mainly the Red Sox, but now that the Patriots are good too, I'll claim them) Guy".



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