Friday, February 24, 2006

I Wanna Grow up to be a YES Man

Michael Kay is the ultimate company man. And trust me, that's not a compliment. It's one thing to root openly for the home team, but it's another to tow the company line the way he does. Phil Rizzuto was the ultimate "homer", but he never bowed down to the almighty YANKEES. I mean good Lord, Kay has his head stuck so far up Steinbrenner's ass that he probably has a pretty good view of his tonsils. He has never and probably will never say a critical word about the organization. I'm sure that at times Jim Kaat would like to slap him. Whenever Kaat criticizes the organization, you can hear the crickets chirping over Kay's microphone. His fawning extends to practically every member of the Yankees. Watching his interview show is an exercise in stupidity. From the stupid grin on his face, to the stupid questions, there is not one redeeming factor about the show. Not since James Lipton have I seen someone suck up to mediocrity with the consistency that Kay does.

I'm almost looking forward to his calls this year because they will give me a chance to document just what a spineless jellyfish he is. And by the way Michael, you are calling a game on TV, not Radio. We do not need you to tell us that the pitcher is in the wind up, in the stretch, licking his fingers or scratching his ass. We can see all that. Remember that TV actually comes with a moving image. It's such a thrill when he's out of the booth and Singleton and Kaat call the games. At least then we get to hear some intelligent analysis of the action and perhaps even hear an objective viewpoint.

Michael Kay, poster boy for ass lickers everywhere.



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