Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arod is just a human, just a human being

Ozzie Guillen decided to take a shot at Arod last week by saying that he never intended to play for the Dominican Republic and that Arod is not Dominican. Ozzie is famous for saying that people don't like what he says because he tells the truth. I think a more accurate statement is that people sometimes take offense to what he's saying because what he states is an opinion that he tries to pass off as fact. Unless he had some direct contact with Arod (and Nomar for that matter, who he also took a shot at), he has no idea whether Arod was really conflicted over his decision of who to or if to play in the WBC.

Arod is an easy target for so many people because he signed the richest contract in baseball history. The fact that he produces at the highest levels and is one of the hardest workers in baseball seems to get lost. His perceived lack of success in the post season (his lifetime batting average in the post season is .305 by the way), is a myth. He had a bad series last year, but he has been a steady if not spectacular producer over his career in the post season. He was on his way to becoming the 2nd greatest shortstop of all time (no one can touch Hounus Wagner), but chose to move to third to accommodate Derek Jeter and the Yankees. He will now be on the list of the greatest SS and the greatest 3B.

Arod may not be the world's greatest teammate, but he's not Barry Bonds. As far as I know, he's never gotten into a fight with a teammate, does not demand that he have two lockers or a recliner in front of his locker. He's accessible to the press and usually has nothing but positive comments or when he is critical, he usually points to himself. Arod is a great player. Certainly one of the best players of my lifetime. And if people don't cut him some slack then his boyfriend Gary Sheffield (AKA "the angriest man in baseball") will kick the living shit out of them.



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