Thursday, June 29, 2006

Justice is Blind

This almost getting to be an every day event at this point. I have to write another article to defend Arod. Now he's not only being attacked by fans who have no clue, he's being attacked by ex-players that have no clue. David Justice, who despite having a 3rd grade reading and speaking level, is somehow employed by the YES network to provide analysis of Yankee games. David Justice who is somehow a true Yankee because he played with the team for all of 1-1/2 years. His Yankee career consisted of 38 home runs and 111 rbi's, total which Arod bettered in 5 months last year. David Justice who can't even spell hall of fame and the only way he's ever getting in there is by paying for a ticket has the singular audacity to call out Arod. He reminded me of Tim McCarver who likes to talk about hitting like he was good at it. The only thing McCarver knows about hitting is that it was hard to do.

Justice basically said that Arod only hits tack on home runs. That his home runs are basically meaningless. Is he not aware of the fact that Arod is second in all of baseball in game winning hits. Is he not aware that 19 of his home runs last year either put the Yankees in the lead or tied the game. Of course he's not aware, because he doesn't read. Let me restate that, he can't read. Only an idiot would make that kind of statement. Only someone with no knowledge of the game would decide based on small sample of games that Arod does not come through in the clutch and not only that but that his home runs are always meaningless.

Arod is going through a bad month. It happens to good players and it happens to all time greats like Arod as well. Even though he has been struggling, he still has a higher OBP than the supposed world class lead off man Johnny Damon. He sits just outside the top 10 in RBI's, HR's and OBP. He's one good game away from being back on track. David Justice was a good hitter. He had two 40 home run seasons and 3 seasons were his batting average was over .300. He never did those two things in the same season however. Arod has hit over 40 home runs seven times in his career and has hit over .300 in five of them. Justice shouldn't even be allowed to sniff Arods jock, must less take pot shots at him on TV. He is very aware that even great hitters are going to fail the majority of the time. And when a hitter is in a slump, his failure rate is going to go up. Why is that such a hard concept to understand? Apparently that equates to Calculus in Justice's head.

The thing about some ex-athletes is that the they try to pump up their accomplishments by bad mouthing the athletes who are still playing. Justice said that Arod never produced in the clutch, but the underlying thought is that clearly he's better than Arod because he produced in the clutch all the time. I remember David Justice as a player and he came over to the Yankees in mid season 2000 and produced a lot of clutch hits for the team down the stretch. The Yankees won 87 games that year, but still managed to win the division. Justice hit a home run off of Arthur Rhodes in the deciding game that gave the Yankees a lead they would never relinquish. It was a big hit in a big game, but does that make him a great clutch hitter. Do you know what his numbers were in the post season? .224 BA, .335 OBP, .382 SlG. All of those numbers are much worse than the numbers he produced during the regular season. So did he choke in the clutch or does one home run make up for all that mediocrity in the post season? He needs to look in the mirror before he starts making ridiculous claims. By the way Arod's post season numbers are practically identical to his regular season numbers.

David Justice doesn't know what he's talking about. He's talking like an uninformed fan instead of the supposed "expert" he is paid to be. The Yankees actually pay him to not understand baseball. It's amazing. I think I'm going to send my resume over the YES network and maybe they'll give me a job.



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