Thursday, July 06, 2006

Report Card

I just thought I'd give you an mid season report on my pre-season picks (here's the link to my predictions) for the baseball season. I had the Yankees, Indians and A's winning their divisions. Except for the Indians, those picks are still reasonable. I had the White Sox winning the wild card and they are currently in the wild card position. So I'm batting .750 in the AL. In the NL I had the Mets, Brewers and Padres winning their divisions with the Cardinals as the wild card. The Mets are going to win the east, the Padres are tied for first and the Cardinals are in a heated battle in the central. Milwaukee is currently two games out of the wild card, so I'm going to give myself 1.000 batting average for the NL.

I'm not doing as well in predicting award winners. I had Roy Halladay and Rich Harden for the AL Cy Young. Halladay is definitely in the mix but Harden has been felled by arm problems. I had Thome and Arod for the AL MVP, both are still in the mix, though I don't either of them are lead candidates for the award, but that can all change in the second half. You know what? Upon further consideration, I'm going to give myself a .750 average for the AL awards. In the NL I had Jake Peavy and Ben Sheets vying for the Cy Young award. Both have had arm problems. Sheets has been on the DL for most of the first half and Peavy has been pitching in pain. That's a total swing and a miss on the NL Cy Young. However, for MVP I picked probably the two leading candidates for the award in David Wright and Albert Pujols. So even with the whiff on the Cy Young I'm batting a solid .500 for the NL awards.

All in all, I'd have to say I'm not doing too bad at the half way point. Now all we need is for Cleveland to stage a miracle comeback in the second half and I'll have pulled off the greatest feat of prognostication since Moses predicted the seven plagues in Egypt. Okay, maybe not, but it'll be pretty damn impressive.



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