Friday, September 08, 2006

So It Begins

The 2006-07 NFL season kicked off last night with the defending Super Bowl champs playing host to the new look Miami Dolphins. Even if you're like me ,and don't like the fact that the season starts on a day that isn't Sunday, you have to admit that action was much better than expected with doubts lingering about Charlie Batch's arm and Daunte's knee although the game itself could have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The first quarter featured a dogfight between two defensively minded teams with conservative play calling. Then the teams exploded for 24 pts in the second quarter with Pittsburgh taking a 14-10 halftime lead. The rest of the story was very familiar to Minnesota fans and it's one the Dolfans should be expecting to see over the course of the season. Daunte's knee looked good, but when the pressure was on he threw two big interceptions on back to back possessions.

Two big games to watch out for in Week 1 are the Manning Bowl and the Carolina/Atlanta game. Carolina has owned Michael Vick throughout his career, but Carolina has lost the last three season openers at home. Something's gotta give.

Season Predictions:

AFC East: NE will win this weak division
AFC North: Cincinnati
AFC South: Indianapolis
AFC West: San Diego - lost a lot of close games and Rivers is ready to play.
AFC Wild Cards: Pittsburgh, Jacksonville

NFC North: Chicago b/c no else is good enough
NFC South: Carolina
NFC West: Seattle
NFC Wild Cards: Dallas, Atlanta

AFC Championship: Indi over Cinci
NFC Championship: Carolina over NYG
Super Bowl: Carolina over Indi

Season suprises:
  • Jets will win 7-8 games
  • Washington will win 6 games or less
  • Favre will be benched by week 10
  • Duece will finish the season with more yards rushing than Bush
  • Matt Leinart will be given the keys to the AZ offense, but will crash
  • TO will make it through the whole season w/o a major problem
  • Vick will be benched for Schaub, but will stay in the game at another position

Check out this great pool site to see how my season goes against the spread.



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