Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Down and Out

The Knick bandwagon is just about to start rolling. Four games (and three losses)into the season is apparently enough to turn Isaih into Larry Brown. He is already berating his players for lack of effort and while he hasn't yet resorted to all out warfare in the press, I'm sure that's just one more lackadasical performance away. Isiah has already said that he's willing to bench anyone who doesn't perform well. According to the coach, he has no favorites. I'm sure that's news to Stephon Marbury, who was sure that he was Isaih's favorite.

The Knicks defense has been non existent this year. They have given up over 100 points in all four of their games this year. If not for a few missed free throws by Memphis on opening night, they could well be 0-4. Scoring may be about talent, but defense is about effort. They are clearly not giving the effort that is required on the defensive end. And the finger has to be squarely pointed at the coach. David Lee continues to be a rebounding machine when he's in the game and Nate Robinson provides a lot of enthusiasm off the bench, but Marbury, Francis and Curry have been disappointing to say the least. I can't take credit for this but I will repeat it, a writer in NY said that Curry was the only person to ever gain weight during a game. Apparently he's stuffing his face during timeouts. He just seems uninterested for large stretches of the game. A lot of that is due to the fact that he never touches the ball for long stretches because one of the Knicks 24 guards is firing up a jump shot from 30 feet.

It's going to be a long season and there's nothing that Isiah can do about it. I guess he could get fired, but I don't think there's a coach or GM that can turn this situation around in the immediate future. I'm looking forward to the game in Denver tonight. I'm interested to see if Isiah starts the usual suspects or acutally tries to mix things up. I don't see how it can be any worse than what he has already put out on the court this season.



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