Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Spitting Allowed

Mike Lupica wrote another article about Arod and his lack of postseason success today. He had this to say:

"Did nothing against the Angels in the division series of 2005 and nothing against the Tigers in the division series of 2006. Is everything his fault? Not on your life. No one has ever suggested that it is. "

No has ever suggested that the Yankees not winning was all Arods fault???? Really? What planet has he been living on?Lupica himself has written at least a dozen articles where he blamed Arod for the Yankees lack of recent postseason success. Apparently he includes himself in his general contempt for the world and doesn't read his own material. It would quite something if the Yankees were to win the World Series this year. Lupica would write about how wonderful Joe Torre is (after calling for his job for the past two seasons) and how wonderful Arod is (after calling him a choker on many occasions) and how perfect this Yankee team is and how it reminds him of the the team in the 90's (after repeatedly saying how different this team is from those teams) and how all is right with the world with the Yankees on top of baseball again (after proclaiming the Mets the new kings of New York for the last couple of years). Lupica is like a weatherman; his predictions are often wrong but there never seem to be any repercussions. Nice work if you can get it.



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