Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There Ain't No We Either

Terrell Owens is looking for a team. Or rather looking for a place to show off his considerable skills and incite dissent. It's amazing how much people are willing to over look when you can produce 15 touchdowns a year. Terrell has a special place in his heart for quarterbacks. He questioned the sexual orientation of Jeff Garcia. He questioned Donovan McNabb's heart, conditioning, leadership abilities and probably his ethnicity for good measure. Why would any team want to take on the cancer that is Terrell Owens? The simple answer is that he's one of the best at what he does. He can catch the ball, he can run with the ball, he can make people miss, he can make plays. He's a consummate fantasy player. He puts up big stats for you week in and week out. Unfortunately if he's on your team, you have to deal with him for the other six days of the week.

He managed to get himself suspended last year for his inability to keep his mouth shut and for fighting with a teammate. His goal isn't to win a Superbowl. His goal is to promote himself. His problems last year would have been minor if he could have just kept his seemingly perpetually open and babbling mouth shut, but once a microphone is pointed in his direction, for some reason he feels he has to say something that's going to make sportscenter. Once a week isn't good enough for T.O., he needs to be on every night. And if saying something stupid about the quarterback is going to do that, well then that's what he's going to do. He is also never happy with his contract. His satisfaction with his new contract with Philly lasted exactly one year. He started complaining the minute the Superbowl was over.

The city of brotherly love was simply not loving or big enough for T.O. He needs a much grander stage for his one-man show. There is only one place where his star could reach the heights that he aspires to. He needs America's Team. And America's Team is apparently willing to indulge him. The Dallas Cowboys are now hot on the trail of Terrell Owens. I think it would be fitting if he went back to the stadium where he is literally one of the most hated visiting players in the league. He embarrassed the Cowboys by posing on the star at midfield after scoring a touchdown. The fans have never forgiven him. However, Jerry Jones apparently doesn't hold a grudge. He's willing to bet that Bill Parcells can keep Owens in line. He figures that if Parcells could do it with Keyshawn, he can do it with Owens. It's clearly a sucker bet, but Jones is going to do everything in his power to make it happen.

The T.O. show will roll on. It will be coming to a town near you come next fall. Just pray that he's not playing for your team. Unless it's your fantasy team, of course.



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