Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Love Lamp

Why won't Curt Schilling shut the hell up about topics outside of baseball? Am I supposed to trust that a Junior College dropout knows whats best for me and the country? Where did he get his expertise on world politics? Am I asking too many questions? Anyway, the next time I want his opinion about troop deployments, elections, or what color socks to wear, I'll have Manny Ramirez beat it out of him.

And one more thing Curt, If you believe so much in the war in Iraq, why don't you join up and go fight? Follow Pat Tillman's lead. You're an able bodied male. I'm sure they would be happy to have someone of your intelligence and fitness level in the armed forces. Oh, that's right, you have much more important things to do back here at home, like run your mouth about things that you know absolutely nothing about.



Blogger Mookie said...

While I agree with Schilling's support of the U.S. military and its endeavors, listening to him about world events makes as much sense as getting your worldview from idiot rock stars. Did you really care what Joe Strummer had to say about third world economics? Or what Bono has to say, for that matter?

11:11 AM  

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