Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2nd Place Receives Set of Steak Knives

As you know by now, Derek Jeter did not win the AL MVP. I personally think that he was the most valuable player in the league this year, but apparently the MVP voters did not agree. It's not a travesty that Jeter didn't win, but Justin Morneau wasn't even the most valuable player on his own team. I guess the RBI totals were just too much for the voters to ignore. Morneau did drive in 30 more runs than Jeter and hit .323 with runners in scoring position. Of course if the writers had looked a little further into the stats they would have seen that Jeter led the league with a .381 batting average with runners in scoring position. So Morneau's lead in RBI's was a function of opportunity, not better hitting. Jeter also led the league in VORP, Runs Created and Win Shares. Morneau led the league in exactly nothing.

Jeter will probably never be in a position again to win the MVP award in his career and he never seems to able to win that elusive batting title either. I'm sure Jeter is really broken up about it too. All he gets to do is play shortstop for the most famous team on earth and get paid a ridiculous sum of money for it and date beautiful women. I mean Justin Morneau won the MVP award and all Derek got to do was spend last weekend with Jessica Biel. God, it must be really hard for him to go through the rest of his life knowing that he didn't win the 2006 AL MVP award. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

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