Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quick Pick

I know I’ve been remiss in my duties here these past few weeks, but I’m getting back on that horse starting now.

First, my pick for tonight’s game. My heart says Cincinnati, but my head is kind of leaning towards Baltimore. Head is not totally convinced yet, so let’s go with the Bengals.

Second, have you all seen that insane picture of Michael Strahan freaking out in the Giants locker room? Per usual, he’s blaming somebody else for something (though not Brett Favre for taking the dive that left Strahan with a tainted record, but I digress). His eyes are big and crazy and he’s yelling at a girl. That picture is the best thing to be found in the Times today. That's it! Thanks for posting MYCUE.

Third, Jason the quadriplegic quarterback on Friday Night Lights has finally discovered that his best friend, foxy Tim, has been sleeping with his girlfriend, bad actress Lyla. It’s about time. Hopefully this will give us many scenes of Tim looking remorseful and ever so dreamy, and Lyla can, I don’t know, kill herself or something so Tyra the blond can get more screen time. She’s too cool and way too hot to be sitting on the sideline. If anyone should be banging both Jason and Tim, it’s her.

Picks for the rest of this weekend’s games to come…



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