Thursday, October 04, 2007

Smells Like Roses

Filip Bondy of the NY Daily News had this to say today about the Yankees:

"Forget Nervous Guy at third base, scheduled to turn into a pumpkin tonight against C.C. Sabathia and the Indians. Wrap your hopes again inside the golden aura of Hero Man at shortstop, the trusty security blanket."

I know it's practically blasphemy around baseball to say anything negative about Derek Jeter, but why does praising Jeter have to come at the expense of Arod. All Arod did was put a season that hasn't been seen in baseball since the days of Babe Ruth and Jimmy Foxx. He practically single-handedly carried the Yankees during the first months of the season when half of the lineup was in a prolonged slump. Without him, the sainted Jeter doesn't even get to the postseason this year and yet the writers in this town can't help but take another shot at Arod. By the way, where was Jeter in the 2001 World Series when he hit .148 as the Yankees lost in seven games. How about the loss to the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS (which is constantly blamed on Arod) when he hit a robust .200 as the Yankees lost four games in a row. Jeter has produced lots of big hits for the Yankees over the years, but he's not infallible. If the Yankees fail this year, you can bet the writers will blame it on Arod no matter what Jeter does. If Jeter has a terrible series, all the articles will still be about Arod's inability to lead the Yankees to victory. It must be nice to be a saint. By the way, Filip Bondy couldn't be reached for a comment. He was too busy worshiping the ground that Jeter walked on.



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