Sunday, December 03, 2006

Week 13: I'm back

I’m wretchedly ill so picks are short and sweet, but at least I got them in on time. You’ll notice that there’s one game I’m not discussing at all this week. Can’t risk the jinx.

Chicago (-9.5) Minnesota
I’m cautiously optimistic that Grossman will limit the number of interceptions he throws to two(ish). That should be good enough to beat Minnesota.

Pittsburgh (-7) Tampa Bay
I will be watching this game with a Steelers fan, so I’ll take Pittsburgh to keep the peace.

St. Louis (-6.5) Arizona
Arizona has already won two games this year. That should be that for the Cardinals.

Indianapolis (-7.5) Tennessee
The Titans only lost by one when they played in Indianapolis, and Vince Young is a better player now than he was then. Call me crazy, but I’m taking the Titans to cover this.

Miami (-1) Jacksonville
I do not get either of these teams, so I just flipped a coin. Miami it is.

New Orleans (-7) San Francisco

Washington (-1.5) Atlanta
I’ve lost track. Is this Michael Vick’s week to be good? I’ll risk it and take Atlanta.

Kansas City (-5) Cleveland
Chiefs best be careful here. It’s going to be tougher than they think.

New England (-13.5) Detroit
Like the Cards, there’s no reason to take the Lions again this season.

San Diego (-6) Buffalo
Another tough one for the visiting team. Chargers are amazing, but I don’t envy anyone playing in Buffalo in December.

Jets (-1) Green Bay
I could not care less about this game. Dislike both teams, and think both are pretty crappy. Green Bay, I guess.

Oakland (-3) Houston
At this point in the season, I suspect these players are just trying to avoid getting hurt. All else being equal, might as well go with the home team.

Denver (-3.5) Seattle
I’ll take a chance on Seattle here. I’m skeptical of betting on quarterbacks to win if I’ve never seen them play.

Carolina (-3) Philadelphia
It would be marginally better for me if the Eagles won this game, so I’ll sadly go with Philly.



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