Thursday, December 07, 2006

Week 14 Quick Pick

Popping in for my Thursday night pick.

Pittsburgh (-7) Cleveland
Had a lovely time last Sunday with my Pittsburgh friend, so let’s go with them again. Go Ben!

A few more quick notes:

First, sorry I didn’t get to grade myself after last weekend since I think I did pretty well. Of course, I’m giving myself a million points for the Cowboys win, so I’d be pretty hard to beat in any event.

Second, unlike others, I have no problem with the Florida/Ohio State match up. Okay, yes, the BCS is bullshit, and there needs to be some sort of playoff system. But there isn’t, and we’ve already seen OSU play Michigan. As the self-appointed representative of all those who kind of hate both teams, let me just say that there is nothing in this world that I was less interested in listening to for an entire month than the run-up to that particular rematch. Absolutely everybody, Michigan fans included, knew that the winner of the first game would be playing in the Championship Game, and that there were no guarantees for the loser. Wolverines wanted in, they should have won when they had the chance.

Third, Friday Night Lights was particularly strong this week. Matt Saracen went out with Coach Taylor’s daughter, which must make for some awkward moments during practice. I guess from the ominous looking previews, things aren’t going to go well. You know who’s going to be just fine though? Stupid fucking Lyla. Looks like paralyzed Jason is going to forgive her, AND foxy Tim is in love with her? Why? Why, why, why? She sucks. She’s stupid, and she can’t fake cry worth a damn. A rare misstep. They had a golden opportunity to put cute Julie or sexy Tyra front and center, and they went with Lyla the void. I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt this near great show.



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