Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Line of Defense

This is the last time I write something defending Arod (I think), but Murray Chass of the NY Times couldn't help but get a parting shot at him. He wrote,

"If there is a team considering pursuing Rodriguez, it should remember that he has never played in a World Series, and he was a major reason his team didn’t get there the past three seasons."

Arod played an essential role in getting the Yankees to post season in the last three years. Remember that we are talking about, not one, but two MVP seasons in the last three years. If you don't get to the playoffs, you don't even get a chance to compete for the World Series. He certainly should shoulder some of the blame for the Yankees not advancing beyond that ALDS for the last three years, but without him there's a good chance that at least one, if not two of those three playoff appearances don't even happen. I think Chein Ming Wang giving up 12 runs in 5 innings had something to do with the Yankees losing to the Indians in their most recent trip to the playoffs. Arod played here for four years and the Yankees didn't win the World Series which is too bad for Yankee fans, but he is not the only or major reason for that.



Blogger Sandy Jimenez said...

Yep he's gone. The LA Dodgers are about to hire Joe Torre. I see him going there also. Nicer press, nicer fans. The LA Angels need him and his insane numbers at bat. But Arte Moreno, the owner says he won’t give that much money to one player. The Boston Red Sox might do it to screw the Yankees. The Chicago Cubs they need him and actually want him. But Sam Zell, -“mr. Newspapers” himself could f*ck up the deal. The New York Mets actually want him and can afford him too now that their TV money is solid. Ot maybe Hank Steinbrenner will eat his words and bring him back for all that "retard" money. I'll miss him.

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