Friday, September 29, 2006


The Yankees almost got no-hit last night. It took a ninth inning single by Robinson Cano with one out to break up the bid for immortality by Daniel Cabrera. Yesterday I said this about the Yankees new Murderer's Row:

" The Yankees trotted out their Murderer's Row II lineup last night and scored 16 runs on their way to an easy victory. Playoff baseball is different though. The lineup will be facing better pitching and it is not reasonable to expect that they will put up double digit runs against the best pitching staffs in the AL. As the saying goes, good pitching will beat good hitting."

And there you have it. An example of good (unexpected) pitching beating good hitting. It's true that Arod and Jeter were not in the lineup last night, but I'm not sure that would have made any difference. It was just a reminder that on any given day, the Yankees, even with the greatest lineup known to mankind, can be beat. And I do know something about baseball. Although I clearly know absolutely nothing about football. But that's another story.



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