Thursday, October 05, 2006

Singing in the Rain

I went to the stadium last night to watch a baseball game but instead was treated to another example of the mess that is the Commissioners office. Apparently the office of the commissioner was fairly certain that the window to play the game last night was going to be small. Once the rain started to fall about 5 minutes before the first pitch, they should have called it and sent everyone home. They didn't and even had Bob shepherd say that there would be a game played which kept about 40,000 people hanging around for another 2 hours (and if you've ever waited out a rain delay at Yankee Stadium, you know what an unpleasant experience that is). By the time the rain stopped and the tarp was removed, the weather forecast was already calling for heavy rain by 11. Unless they were planning on playing the fastest game in playoff history, there was no way that the game could be completed. The point is that someone should have realized very early on that a game could not be played last night. Instead they kept tens of thousands of people waiting around for nothing. The concessions were still up and running, so I guess there was still money to be made.

I don't really have anything poignant to say about this travesty. It's just that it sucks getting home at almost midnight from a game that never happened. It's also a shame because there are certainly people who will not have the chance to go to another playoff game and won't be able to make it to the makeup game today. The only playoff experience they will have this year is waiting in the hot and muggy tunnels of Yankee stadium.



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